Event Tickets

When you need custom tickets for your next function or event, let Real Graphics impress you and your crowd with our event ticket design and printing services. Whether your event is large or small, you’re sure to be impressed with the quality of your event tickets and the impression they leave on your audience. We stand by our professional design and high print quality that will fit any budget.

Real Graphics’ Professional Quality Event Ticket Printing Services

Our event tickets come in 2”x5.5” and are printed in full color on premium quality 14 pt UV coated card stock. We use an offset printing process so that the colors and graphics on your event tickets will be vivid, sharp, and clear. We offer multiple sizes and quantities to perfectly meet your event ticketing needs.

We Have Several Event Ticket Printing Options to Choose From

  • Standard Event Tickets

High-quality event tickets printed in premium 14 pt. UV coated cardstock (minimum 250).

  • With Perforation

We can print perforated event tickets so that ticket stubs can be easily torn ?without damaging the entire ticket.

  • With Numbering

Track your tickets and coordinate with seating arrangements with ticket numbering. Numbered event tickets can also help take each ticket into account for gathering solid sales data.

  • With Perforation and Numbering

Get the best of both worlds with perforated numbered event tickets.

Make Your Event Tickets Stand Out

There is plenty of room to have all the information for your event on the front of the ticket leaving room on the back of the ticket for a potential sponsor. Our designers can incorporate other helpful elements into your event ticket design, such as a map to your event’s location, or even a QR code linking people directly to your event’s location via GPS.

Let Real Graphics Help You with Your Entire Event

Real Graphics can handle your entire event from start to finish. Our professional graphic design services are only $65 per hr. (in addition to printing costs). We can handle everything from designing your logo to taking care of your promotional prints. We could even do your t-shirts, or design a web site for online marketing campaigns, as well as create an eye-catching design for your event tickets. Let Real Graphics provide you with our full-service expertise for your next event.